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Voting With Your Dollar

Brands will change if they see that their customers won’t buy things that aren’t made in an ethical way. A lot of companies are trying to say they are ‘green’ but it’s often just a part of the marketing smoke and mirrors. So how do we know who’s really doing things the right way?  Research. We’ll do our best to research brands here that you can feel comfortable spending your money on. When you stop buying things from brands that aren’t taking good care of their practices, they will start to change! You have the right to ask where your clothing is made and how is it made. The more we ask the sales reps in stores how the clothes are made, the more sales reps will let their managers know that consumers are curious.  When companies and their representatives do know how to answer these questions, then consumers will be able to see if the answers are genuine and not just ‘green-washing’, marketing techniques to make us feel like these items are good to buy.