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Their mission is to conserve our planet’s most important resource by reducing the massive water consumption of our planet’s most beloved piece of clothing, jeans.  Get ready to read on, these guys are looking at all areas of manufacturing, from, buttons, to labels to working conditions at the factory they employ.

The factory they now work with uses 85% recycled water. This is revolutionary, and it is achieved through a system in which natural bacteria consumes the indigo dye before re-introducing it to the wash process again and again.

Their women’s denim is made using Tencel Cotton blend, which is a processed wood fibre made from the eucalyptus tree. Not only is the energy used to grow, produce and manufacture Tencel 100% renewable, it also uses 85% less water than cotton to grow and process.

Their men’s denim is sourced to require low to no wash as it is engineered as a raw denim with the added benefit of stealth stretch woven in for comfort & durability.

Their hardware is made of nickel-free recycled sheet metal in a factory with a closed loop water system which uses technology designed to conserve water by 80%.

All of their leather labels are made using recycled leather which is done by a process of shredding and then bonding leather scraps to make a new leather composite that looks and feels like the natural product.

Finally, all their care labels are made from recycled water bottles. We like to think we’re saving what’s inside and outside one of those 10,977 1L water bottles.

On their factories: ” Our factory in Mexico was chosen because of their pioneering sustainability efforts and the way they care for their employees. We take every opportunity possible to visit our team on the ground in Mexico.

Our Atelier in Los Angeles is a workshop set to the highest standards of any American factory we have ever worked with. These guys are also like family to us.”

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