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Source Denim

SOURCE Denim was created with the mission to eliminate the harmful chemicals used in the denim dyeing process. They discovered that all indigo requires chemical fixing agents and treatments to dye denim blue, a lot of which ends up in surrounding water ecosystems. To solve this, SOURCE discovered a dye process that replaces these chemical agents with a natural, biodegradable material made from…crab shells! This material, a byproduct of food processing, allows the cotton to be woven and dyed with 50% less chemicals, 60% less water, and 40% less energy than conventional denim. The cotton in SOURCE comes from the Better Cotton Initiative in Africa, which promotes improved agriculture livelihoods for cotton farmers. And their “Dirt on Denim” page goes deep into every part of the denim manufacturing process and what they’re working on. SOURCE Denim also offers free repairs and gives 1% of its net sales to river conservation and climate change organizations.