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Fashion Heroes

These are people from all over the world that have made strides to further eco-friendly fashion.


Sika Schmitz

Sika Schmitz is the founder of Bead and Reel, a sustainable fashion community connect companies and shoppers as we create a more mindful world together. As a Hollywood Costume Designer she had a hard time finding beautiful clothing that met with her vegan and humanitarian values, so she decided to create the store she wanted to shop at.

Along with being a frequent speaker, writer, and sustainable stylist, she is also the creator of the non-profit Fair Trade Fashion Show

Taryn Hipwell

Taryn Hipwell is the Founder of Beyond the Label, is a thought leader and consumer engagement specialist in the realm of sustainable fashion.

Patrick Dinkfeld

Patrick is the founder and owner of Lovelight Models Inc., a holistic agency, celebrating empowered models, mindful art, and conscious living.

Marci Zaroff

Marci Zaroff is an internationally recognized ECOlifestyle visionary, authority, innovator and educator and has been instrumental in driving authenticity, environmental leadership & social justice worldwide for over two decades.

Matthew Boelk

Matthew Boelk is the founder and owner of Groceries Apparel. Groceries Apparel makes all of their clothes in the United States with locally sourced fabric and labour.

Kim Luu

Kim Luu is the founder of Flaunt Fashion Library. Her mission is to give women the “Cinderella experience” for any occasion. Flaunt Fashion Library rents out clothing from casual to business. Try a dress for 4-8 days and then return it. It is both cheaper and more eco-friendly than buying your own!

Myriam Laroche

Myriam Laroche is the President and founder of Eco Fashion Week. An organization in Vancouver that revolves around creating a healthier and more sustainable fashion industry.