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CEO E-Mail Template

Here is a starting point for your E-Mail to a CEO of a major fashion brand

Dear CEO

I write you as a conscious consumer and concerned citizen on the environmental impact on the manufacturing of our clothing. 

I am aware that ______ has a sustainability department, but I am also aware that the mass production of clothing from large companies like ______, are still major contributors to the global water pollution problem. Companies like yours need to take greater steps to lead the way for the health of our future.

Toxic dyes from the production of our clothing, including items produced by______, are being dumped into rivers and affecting the lives of people globally. 

As a concerned consumer, I ask you these questions:

1. What is______ doing to improve internal water efficiency to minimize your suppliers’ impact on water? There existing filtrations systems that many large brands like yourself have not implemented. 

2.What is______ doing to eliminate the use of all hazardous chemicals and achieve zero discharge in all production procedures associated with the making of______ products especially related to products like blue jeans where there is currently heavy use of chemicals in the washing and distressing processes?

3.What is______’s position as to the corporation’s responsibility to save rivers in the countries that they are manufacturing clothing?

It’s time for everyone to take true responsibility for our actions. I would like to be able to buy my clothing knowing that every possible measure has been taken for the safety of our planet.

Thank you for your time. 


A Concerned Consumer